Earth Hour🌍

Hello everyone! Im so, so sorry that I haven’t been writing as much as I’d like to lately. School has been very busy and of course-weekends have too! But here’s another post that I know all of you have been waiting for…

Now Earth Hour has become quite an important thing to me, being a ‘Green Ambassador’ you go over things like this and they almost get mushed into your brain and you can never get them out. However, I do understand that most of you lovely people reading this won’t have a clue what I’m going on about!

Earth Hour is an hour (hopefully you guessed that😂) that people all around the world try to reduce the use of energy in their houses from 8.30pm to 9.30pm on Saturday 25th March. Even though this event only takes place for 60 minutes, the outcome is brilliant. There are lots of ways to do this in your household, and if you would like to do this then thank you ever so much! You could-

  • Turn off your lights and use candles instead.
  • Play some sort of board game rather than watching TV.
  • Try not to play or text or whatever on your phone. (Yes, I know it’s tempting!)
  • If you have homework or a work project, use books instead of Google.
  • Try to walk to places, but if you have an electric car, then thats fine!

Even if your aren’t able to any of these then it would be fabulous if you could share this image on any social media sites.

Earth Hour 2017_Global Poster_Public Portrait

#ChangeClimateChange #JustTypeIzzy

All this is to do is to get the word around about this amazing hour, as many people don’t have luck of knowing about it. It’s all for the future generation that someday I will be part of.

Thank you so much for reading,

Izzy X

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