My Lovely Mum💜

Hi everybody! This post is a tribute to the most loving and caring person I know-my mum. I thought of this post as it was Mother’s Day yesterday and thought that presents (even though she did love them) are not as meaningful as words sent from the heart- and I truly do mean every word I say about my mum. You may think that I made half of this stuff up and I’ve just created some fantasy princess, but I promise I haven’t, infact she is my princess.

I decided I’d do a Top 5 things I love about my mum instead of rambling on and on!

  1. She has a heart of gold and is always as fair as she can possibly be.
  2. She is always so proud of me, even if I haven’t even done amazingly.
  3. She has such a creative mind-there are no limitations to her imagination.
  4. We think and act in a very similar manner (I definitely get lots of things from her!)
  5. She loves me just the way I am.

Thank you guys for reading this very important post ! I hope that you could maybe make one of these for your mum or daughter too!

Love you Mummy,

Izzy X

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